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Fresh Flower Care

Fresh Flower Care

How can I make my flowers last longer?

Certain varieties of cut flowers last longer than others.  Carnations, for example, can remain vibrant for long periods.  Roses have a shorter vase life, but are prized for their special and delicate beauty.  When buying flowers, be sure to ask your florist how long you should expect your arrangement to last.  Whatever variety you choose, a little TLC will go a long way to keep your blooms looking fresh longer.  Here are a few handy tips that can help add days to their beauty!

Essentials for your flowers

Keep them in a cool spot (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit; 18 to 22 degrees Celsius), away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, direct drafts from a ceiling fan, and the tops of televisions or radiators. (Appliances like televisions give off heat, causing flowers to dehydrate.)




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